A little about me

Born and raised in South America, Cristian and his family came to the states in 1992 seeking that "American Dream". For the last 12 years Cristian Huaman has been involved in the Sales and Lending industry. A 1st generation Pawn Broker, Cristian became one of the youngest Owners/CEO of Central Florida at the ripe age of 21 when he opened Fireproof Pawn & Storage. It didn't take long to realize what owning your own property can do for your business. " Working in this industry and having multiple locations really opened his eyes to real estate. The benefit of owning your own building vs paying rent really taught him the value of investing in properties and lit a desire in him to learn more about the real estate industry. “My goal, just like in the pawn industry are the same. I want to devote my time and energy to earning your business, listening to your needs, and making all your real estate goals come true".