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We provide assessment, trash out and inspection services in single-family neighborhoods of detached homes or attached dwellings and townhouses in several states and are expanding our services on a national level. Countrywide Realty Partners, LLC is currently seeking independent contractors in certain states to handle the assessments from bulk property being acquired.

The reason for assessing the property is to help us to determine the value and the condition of the newly acquired properties and to most importantly post the signage so that it can be sold.

The following payment schedule will be owed to you based for the tasks performed: Please note that all expenses for gas, lodging and food are your responsibility. There are no funds requests, payment will be sent upon completion of assessment. The forms and procedures to be performed are briefly listed below and can also be downloaded.

Download the Property Assessment Procedures Manual
W-9 Form fax this form to us

Contractor Assessment Fees

A. Full property assessment - $75 per (each job last less than 1 hour)
B. Order to vacate - $25 per property
C. Order to vacate recheck - $25 per property
D. Yard Clean up - $25 per property
E. Home clean up - (Contact us for quote)

Supplies (please note that you will be responsible for purchasing these items) Total supply cost should average about Combo Dial lock $3.50, Hasp $3.50 and a sign $3.00 ($10.00 max) This amount will be reimbursed on top of the assessment Fees.

A. Cheap dial combination locks – regular sized Master Lock or Brinks dial combos is what we use. ($3.50 at Home Depot – similar to those found in gyms or grade school lockers)
B. Hasps (Typically around $2.00-$3.50, make sure the eye is correct size for lock)
C. 3″ screws (2 pounds worth)
D. 1 1/2″ screws (2 pounds worth)
E. Contractor Grade Trash Bags – for debris. (Photos should not show any trash).
F. Window Signs – “For Sale Sign”.

Tools (Items owned by us will be returned upon termination of contract)

– Laptop/ Blackberry Cell Phone
– Digital camera (4 megapixel or more / preferably runs on AA batteries)
– String trimmer
– Gas/Oil
– Loppers/Hedge Trimmers
– Battery operated power drill and bits
– Regular twist & screw driver (flat and Philip’s head)
– Crow bar
– Hammer – small sledge preferable
– Bolt cutters
– Duct tape – clear preferable so you can laminate signs if necessary.
– Broom
– Large dustpan OR large, deep shovel for large amounts of debris.

*** Map out your route before you leave to get the best and most efficient use of time/mileage. We have found that www.googlemaps.com, REMEMBER: Accuracy and timing are crucial to the assessments.

*** Print a copy of this document and take it with you (along with assessment forms and the no trespassing signs).

If home was previously assessed and has previous combination lock onsite, verify that combination still works call 407-401-8790 to confirm).

A. If home does not have a lock, or old lock is not functional, place new combination lock on front door
B. Record lock combination on assessment form
C. Tape sign clearly showing the toll free number to the window closest to the front door (sign faces out).

*New Assessors please complete the following form and indicate how many properties you can handle per week. (Jobs are subject to availability). Please review the list below and reserve the job that you have interest in assessing by completing the following form and in the comments area listing the location of the job. Jobs must be completed within 48 hours of being reserved. Any assessments submitted outside of our criteria (assessment format, bad lock codes or installation, picture quality, or timeframe) will be rejected. Include the schedule of dates when the job is expected to be completed and we will contact you with the confirmation by the property address via email. This precaution is being taken so that we do not have more than one assessor being assigned to a specific job site.