REO Services

Real Estate Property Evaluation and Setup

  • Secure, inspect and winterize property
  • Determine Occupancy
  • Offer Cash for Keys (CFK) (if occupied)
  • Initiate and manage eviction process
  • Evaluate property condition
  • Provide detailed marketing plan with photos
  • Perform BPO
  • Obtain bids for trash-out, maintenance and rehab
  • Evaluate environmental, safety and compliance issues


  • Develop property marketing strategy
  • Establish list/sale price according to predetermined limits
  • Establish tracking/monitoring system
  • Provide monthly marketing report
  • Evaluate strategy and pricing every 30 days

Property Management

  • Order and oversee rehab and maintenance
  • Weekly occupancy status report
  • Monthly inspection reports

Contract Negotiation and Closing

  • Negotiate offers within predetermined authority levels
  • Provide detailed net sheet with all offers
  • Manage closing process
  • Receive billings
  • Create final invoicing to client


  • Provide monthly status reports on all properties
  • Provide monthly summary reports on sold properties
  • Provide monthly expenditure reporting