Land Assemblage And Development

Because we have experience in land assemblage and development, Countrywide Realty Partners, LLC is quite familiar with the particular questions related to land assemblage and development. If you are considering these land options, you might be concerned about some key issues:

Do you know if advantages exist in using a third party representative in negotiating land cost? Do you understand the psychology of the local land owners and can you afford the time and energy to build the necessary relationships? How confident are you in matching your product with geographic markets? And do you understand the political landscape sufficiently to maneuver through the local political environment?

At Countrywide Realty Partners, LLC, we serve the full array of participants in the development process, including developers, corporations, property owners, land brokers, engineers, physical/land use planners, financial institutions, investors, zoning attorneys, architects, leasing agents, and property brokers.

Our specialties include generating mixed-use development concepts for large land parcels. Based on market data, projected growth, and anticipated future competition, we develop concepts that define the successful mix of uses, general location of uses, absorption schedules, target markets, and anticipated pricing. In addition, we provide bottom-line recommendations to decision makers in the for-sale housing industry. Our services include product and pricing recommendations, site selection, supply and demand analyses, feasibility analyses, target market analyses, and land competitive analyses.

We utilize comprehensive and up-to-date market information to bring timely and specific management strategies and recommendations to the development planning and asset management process. While our staff is experienced in a wide range of real estate sectors, we specialize in the areas of master planning, real estate economics, and residential and non-residential development.

You will find that our resources provide significant benefits to private- and public-sector clients involved in real estate development. Our full range of comprehensive services includes:
• Acquisition/Disposition Advice
• Development Feasibility Analysis
• Highest and Best Use Analysis
• Investment Analysis
• Negotiations and Transaction Assistance
• Product Planning and Positioning
• Real Estate Data Services