Property Preservation

Countrywide’s Preservation Team has extensive experience and knowledge in property preservation, property rehab & repair, inspections, and lockout field services. Our executives are often consulted as industry experts on these topics. We provide a complete portfolio of property preservation and maintenance services, lockout field services, repairs-rehab, inspections, code compliance management including vacant property registration, and utilities management. We offer custom programs as well as flat-fee and a-la-carte solutions. We serve a variety of clients including banks, servicers, asset managers, investors, credit unions, and default attorneys. The following is a list of our most requested services broken up into 8 general areas.

Property Preservation: Occupancy Verification, Securing (re-key, lockbox, & board-ups), Debris Removal, Lawn & Yard Maintenance, Winterizations, De-winterizations, Emergency Services, Hazards, Repairs (health, safety, code, emergency, plumbing, roofing, environmental & mold remediation, cosmetic, and general), Water Extraction, Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors, Pool Securing & Maintenance, Sales Cleans, Sprinkler Systems, Pest control, and Vehicle Removal

Ongoing Maintenance: Inspections, Lawn & Yard Maintenance, Snow & Ice Removal, Pool Maintenance, and Sales Cleans

Inspections: Full suite of interior and exterior inspection services including Condition/Occupancy Inspections, Borrower Interviews, First Time Vacancy Inspections, Property Condition Inspections, Fannie Mae Form 30 Inspections, Ongoing Inspections (Occupancy & Vacant Property), Quality & Compliance Inspections, Bankruptcy Inspections, Insurance Loss Draft Inspections, Natural Disaster/FEMA Inspections, manufactured Home Inspections, Title 5 Inspections, Pre-Eviction Inspections, and Sale Date Inspections

Property Rehab and Repairs: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Roofing, Flooring, Structural, Demolition, Carpentry, Drywall, Interior & Exterior Painting/Repair, Appliance Replacement, Environmental Testing & Remediation, Fixtures, Windows and Doors, Health, Safety, Code, Masonry, LBP Testing & Remediation, Landscaping, Sprinklers, and Pools

Rental Property Management: Property Qualification, Property Rehabilitation & Repairs, Property Preparation, Marketing, Tenant Sourcing & Qualification, Leasing, Rent Collection, Renters Insurance, Home Warranties, Maintenance & Emergency Services, and Utility Management

Eviction Field Services/Personal Property Disposition: Moving and Storage, Curbside, Personal Property Disposition, Special Needs (animal removal etc), Re-key & Securing, Personal Property Posting Notification, and Cash for Keys Settlement

Code Compliance & Utility Management: Vacant Property Registration, Ordinance Compliance (monitoring & reporting), Code Violation Monitoring/Negotiating/Curing, HOA Demands, and Utility Management

Third Party Communication & Reporting: All client required systems communication and reporting including Equator and Resnet,

Loss Mitigation: Cash for Keys Settlement, Door Knocking, and Relocation Assistance

Valuations: Interior and Exterior BPOs